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Ding Dong Ditch!

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This is a community made specifically for

Ashe // patchoulipirate
Abby // abbydoodle
Mary Beth // marysue987
Katie // arsenicinhaler


This community was created for the above mentioned people. Any others were added only at the approval of all four founding members.

It will consist mainly of inside jokes, and things of that nature that only we four will find humourous so there'd be no point in you trying to join anyway. Bugger off.

As for Ashe, Mary Beth, Katie, and Abby.
This community is made for you to post silly little things that you wouldn't normally post in your regular journals.


Acceptable Posts

1. Links to websites you found to be humourous or interesting.
2. Lyrics for songs you like (but please don't post only lyrics. They can get annoying after a while)
3. Messages to one another.
4. Random announcements.
5. Rants and raves.
6. Essays *cough* on topics you find interesting, research, blah blah.
(Okay, so that rule was made for Ashe. stfu.)
7. Poetry, stories, blah blah.
8. Requests.
9. Stupid shit.
10. And that is way too many rules.

Nonacceptable Posts

1. Stories about your life. omg no. Those go in your regular journals.

That's about it. XD
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